MAP-NWS - an optional EUMETNET programme in support of an optimal research programme


The Mesoscale Alpine Programme of the National Weather Services (MAP-NWS) started as the first EUMETNET Programme (after the Co-ordination Office) in 1996, with optional participation of the member countries, to support MAP. Its main goal was to sustain the administrative and technical backbone of this international research programme in the Alpine countries, i.e. the Programme Office (PO) and the MAP Data Centre (MDC). It also included a data quality effort (DAQUAMAP) and a state-of-the-art reanalysis of the entire 70-day Special Observing Period (SOP) from 7 September to 15 November 1999.

AuteursRossa AM
TypePublications scientifiques
  • Système de mesure et de prévision
  • Météo

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